Monday, August 26, 2019

Mack’s Alt

  • Date 8-24-19
  • Day:  19
  • Start: 2028
  • End: 2039  plus 17 alt
  • Miles: 28. 
  • Hours: 12
  • High Temp: 71
  • Low Temp: 41
  • Thru Hikers Met: 8

Summit Lake 

The wind died down creating a whisper quiet night and morning.  A cool morning and thankfully not as cold as the last few. Moving forward  on the trail the water is not as plentiful as we have been experiencing. We are carrying more now to finish the hike. 

Typical forest walk

Today’s hike is again an easy walk. Unbelievably the trail is flat and fast. This is the type of trail most people think of when I call the hike a walk. Simple , easy and fun.  We cross through dead burned forest into live open forest and then repeat the process again and again.  There aren’t any mountains in the distance over the tree tops like we are used to seeing, just open sky. The lack of  mountains makes me feel like I’m on top of the world.  
The trail is leaving Yellowstone and even Wyoming. This means we have walked over the years through New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming for more than 2000 miles. 

Welcome to Idaho 

And we are out of  Yellowstone 

Finally a view of the world around us

Water is now scarce , we chose the Mack’s Inn alternate route because it has water. Our forest trail has merged with a dirt road.  With a light amount of dust causing traffic on this road is is not as nice as a trail.  As the trail elevation drops more and more signs of civilization appear. We are coming back to reality from our blissful hiking adventure.  The last 4.8 miles are on paved roadway with even more traffic, certainly not as much fun. 
Then it’s over and I have tied my CDT hiking together with the section starting where I just ended.  I now have the CDT complete up to interstate 15 and Lima. 
The hike we both shared was beautiful and inspiring.  There were more wonderful views and features than normally experienced on a hike of this distance. I am extremely satisfied and happy with this section hike of the CDT. Looking forward to completing the last of this great hike next year. 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Summit Lake

  • Date 8-23-19
  • Day:  18
  • Start: 2014
  • End: 2028
  • Miles: 14
  • Hours: 7
  • High Temp: 69
  • Low Temp: 33
  • Thru Hikers Met: 5

Old Faithful Lodge

Last night we had rain. We both stayed dry and comfortable, however our rain flys were laden with water this morning. I did my best to shake off the water, but I had to pack the fly still wet to dry later. We decided to start out at 0630 hrs without a breakfast to cover the 4 miles to Old Faithful Lodge. The Lodge is where the “all you can eat breakfast” is. That was our first order of business to consume as much food as our bodies would hold. The experience was pleasant in this beautiful part of our country’s history. 

That’s just 1 plate

A view from the second floor 

A fascinating clock

After breakfast we retrieved our resupply boxes from the front desk.  The staff was so delighted to talk with us about the CDT when we asked about showers they just gave us towels and wash cloths and pointed us to the showers, no charge. 

A second floor selfie  after a shower

We both organized our food resupply and took hot showers plus even shaved. 

Old Faithful 

After getting cleaned up we went over to the geyser to watch the eruption. We are there just in time to see it. 

Now off to the general store for a few items. We then dry our gear in an area no one used. The WiFi and cell service would not support my sending any updates. So we hiked on leaving Old Fsithfull at 1300 hrs. after a great stop over at the Old Faithful Lodge campus. 

On the way out we take a short alternate to view some more thermal features. 

A paved CDT walkway

The Firehole River

The end of the thermal features section is part of the CDT. We started a 1000’ climb out if the caldera onto a forested plateau. 

The sparkles are little pieces of obsidian. It is everywhere, in the streams and on the trail 

After an 10 mile hike we arrive at Summit Lake our last Yellowstone campsite. We are the only ones here so we get the best choice of sites. 

Meadow just before Summit Lake 

Summit Lake 

My campsite 

The close of another splendid day of Yellowstone and hiking experiences.